I returned to Wedding Bee to catch up with my December mamas but hadn't been back here in a while!

My son was born 12/17 at 8:17pm, 8lbs 2oz, 21.5". It was quite the ordeal - cervidil induction, pitocin, then he's sunny side up and they don't think that I can deliver vaginally. I was determined and with the help of the vacuum and a mediolateral episiotomy he came out. There were a few hiccups after that - he had a really large subdural hematoma from the vacuum and a collapsed lung. Since I'd spiked a fever just before the birth we were treated with IV antibiotics for 48 hours and he wasn't in my hospital room, which was hard.
I'm very grateful for the epidural that allowed me to push him out but not feel that sideways cut, I had an AMAZING doctor deliver him. My OB had started but by the time I was pushing had left for the next shift. This doctor was an angel, as much as I loved my own OB I think this doctor was put there for me by a higher power! She's just who I needed for me then. And most importantly, so grateful my son was big and recovered quickly from all the trauma.

But at 3 weeks he's just gorgeous. We're having some breastfeeding issues - he's still not back to his birth weigh, so I've been asked to supplement. Right now I'm so focused on feeding, feeding, feeding this little bug. Hoping for a good check up on Friday.