Hi all,

I'm new to HB, and could use a community of others also sick with baby fever to vent to! There isn't really anyone else I can talk to about this, but it seems like I may be in the right place here.

I am thinking about babies 24/7 nowadays! Every time my mind gets focused on something else, another ultrasound pops up on Facebook or something, it just seems to be everywhere. My husband and I have been married 2 years and have now completed the "first steps" as one of my coworkers calls it: we have a dog and we just bought our first house. (and we are now debt-free except the house!) Naturally baby is the next thing on my mind and I happen to be a person who latches on to an idea and doesn't let it go until it happens (hence said dog and house) : )

The other day, hubby and I were shopping in target and wander into the baby section oohing and ahing at all the cuteness. We even stopped at the Charlie banana cloth diaper area and I showed him how those work. They were on sale, and I told him how rare it is to see them on sale, and maybe we should just get one, you know, to start a collection. To my surprise, he totally thought about it! We didn't end up getting any, but he was definitely thinking about it, which got me really excited.

However, in the last few days since then, I've brought up babies a few times and each time he seems to get more and more angry about it, and insists he won't be ready for a few more years. A FEW!?!? I mean, ONE, ok I get it... But a few?? What does that even mean?? I keep probing him for reasons why, but all I get is "there are just things I'd like to do first" without any other specifics... I know I'm probably making it worse by continually bringing it up, but I really don't want to wait that long! We did just find out 2 different couple friends of ours who are our age are pregnant, so I wonder if he is just freaked out or something.

Have any of you gone through this with your partners? Did they come around quicker than you expected? Take longer? Any tips for quietly and gently encouraging him to be a little more comfortable with the idea? I'm not in a super rush, but I'd kinda like to turn the "wait a few years" into a "wait one year" to start trying...