In all of my pregnancies I've had a faintly positive test by 9dpo (8dpo even!). So, this leads me to think that I've been someone who implants on the early side of things, historically, for it to show up that soon. I've never had implantation bleeding or any other signs, though.

For those who know/knew when you implanted a pregnancy, and have had more than one -- did it change? Was there a big difference between when you would get a BFP? I feel like because all of mine have been early, that if I don't see a positive early on, I'm out.

FWIW we weren't really trying this month and it'd be a long, long shot -- BFN at 9dpo, even though I'm feeling some noticeable symptoms (it's all progesterone I know!). I'm expecting to not be pregnant this cycle but I'm curious for the future.