There are a million posts on pumping and how to increase supply, but my question for everyone is - if you were able to successfully increase your supply, how long did it take using whatever method worked for you?

I'm 5 month into nursing my daughter. I work full time and pump 3x a day while she is at daycare. I used to get 17-20 ounces per day when I went back and she was around 12 weeks old. It started to decease when I was super unlucky to get my period back at 4 months PP (still EBF at the time, UGH). It's never recovered. Now, I struggle to get 9 ounces a day. She's a 90th percentile baby and will easily eat 16 oz BM in the 9 hours we're apart.

I've tried a lot of different things (pumping more, fenugreek, MM tea), but I wonder if I need to keep it up for longer before seeing results. Help!