LO has been eating like a champ for about a month now. She's a little bit of a piggy pants, bless her, and is now on 2 meals a day and leaning towards 3. I've been doing a mix of BLW and purees, both store bought and homemade.

This weekend I made up a big batch of carrots and sweet potatoes chunky purees, enough for probably a few weeks. Thing is, despite mixing other foods in, she's starting to get a bit bored of mommy's cooking. I'd really like to put some spices or flavors into the carrots and/or sweet potatoes, but to be honest, I really do stink at cooking and have no idea what kind of herbs or spices would be delicious (and it doesn't help that I refuse to eat carrots! :p)

When did you introduce spices or herbs? What kind of combinations were a hit (not just with carrots and potatoes!)?