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Is graduating high school a big deal?

  1. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25556 posts

    Yeah, it's a big deal. A lot of people don't go on to college or get a masters, or more than that. So, it is a big deal. In the future I can imagine less people will go on to a 4-year college b/c of rising costs, so graduating high school is the first step in a career for them.

    Cost of College in 2036: https://cnb.cx/2KA1aOx

  2. alphagam84

    persimmon / 1095 posts

    It's definitely an accomplishment, especially for a kid. Think about it, you can't go to college without graduating and you can barely get a job without graduating high school. I think it's worthy of a celebration.

  3. Ajsmommy

    pomegranate / 3355 posts

    I think it's a big deal too and definitely worthy of a celebration.

  4. pinkcupcake

    cantaloupe / 6751 posts

    In our family, it was (and will be) treated as a milestone, but not necessarily an accomplishment because it’s something that is expected.

  5. Mrs. Train

    blogger / pomegranate / 3300 posts

    I worked at a high school where the graduation rate was 50%. I was so proud of all my students who graduated. It was a HUGE accomplishment for them. I know some who were working non stop after school and taking care of siblings. I had a few teen moms that struggled to
    Make it to school every day. Life was not easy for some of those kids and graduating high school meant they persevered through some crazy circumstances. It would have been way easier for most of them to quit and just start working but they stuck it out. I cried at every single ceremonh thinking about how hard my students worked.

    For my own kids I would hope they wouldn’t have those struggles but we have some of our own. We are dealing with dyslexia and other learning differences and I think I will be really proud of my kids knowing how much work they had to put in to over come those differences. I don’t think they need a giant expensive party but I think it’s a big accomplishment and should be recognized and celebrated in some way.

  6. Mrsbells

    squash / 13199 posts

    @Mamaof2: it depends on many things. For some people it is a huge deal they might be from a family with many issues that they overcame to graduate high school.
    Having said that i do feel that the parties are overdone lately and so many of the prom dresses are inappropriately revealing

  7. codeitall

    clementine / 874 posts

    I think it really depends on whether it was a challenge or not. For people that have a hard time because of extenuating circumstances, it is a huge accomplishment absolutely worth celebrating.

    For people that breezed through school and are already moving on, graduation is like the farewell party.

    I didn't want to walk for my college graduation because I didn't see the point. But my grandparents really wanted to be there (they came from a small farming community and my grandpa was the first college graduate. So I endured the ceremony and walked. Ironically, DH doesn't want to walk because he finds it embarrassing that he's so much older than the rest of the graduates.


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