Thankfully, I have only had to have IUIs and have never experienced IVF. But, I feel like I know quite a bit about it just because I've dealt with fertility issues and read/listen to A LOT pertaining the process.

A friend of mine is going through IVF right now for the first time after years of no success with IUI or TI. After spending $30,000, they just found out that out of 16 eggs, only one is viable and that her egg quality is poor. (She's only in her early 30's.)

She told me they didn't do any testing in her egg quality prior to recommending and pursuing IVF. After years of treatment with the same clinic, she doesn't know her FSH level and hasn't even had her AMH checked (which I know is more for quantity than quality, but STILL!).

My question is, is her clinic being unethical by not doing these tests and taking her $30,000 and all her hopes and dreams for a baby and pursuing IVF anyway?