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January POAS - New Year, New BFPs!

  1. Mrs Spoon

    kiwi / 603 posts

    Congrats @purple and @chillybear. Happy and healthy 9 months to you both!!

  2. T.H.O.U.

    wonderful clementine / 24134 posts

    @Chillybear: congratulations!! Hope you have a great nine months and a healthy baby!!

  3. doxielove

    persimmon / 1388 posts

    @Purple: @Chillybear: Congrats!!

  4. Turd Ferguson

    pomegranate / 3160 posts

    @Chillybear: Congrats, lady!!!

  5. ineebee

    pear / 1580 posts

    @thehistoryofus: OPKs are great! I hope you find them useful. It makes you feel like you have a lot of power. Sorry that AF came...

  6. avivoca

    watermelon / 14467 posts

    Very, very cautious...Does anyone else see it???? 8DPO, and testing again in the morning.

  7. Purple

    pea / 13 posts

    @evansjamie: I see it! EEeeeee!!

  8. Purple

    pea / 13 posts

    @Chillybear: Congrats!

  9. mrs. bird

    bananas / 9628 posts

    @evansjamie: omg, that is a line my dear!! woohooooooo!! you preggo!! it's so early, i bet you'll get darker and darker tests over the next couple days, but that looks great! congrats!

  10. sslm

    cantaloupe / 6397 posts

    @evansjamie: that's a line!!!!! Congrats!!

  11. mlm2934

    grapefruit / 4311 posts

    @evansjamie: I see a line!!! Congrats!! Def post again your morning one!! I got my BFP on 9 DPO, and it took about 2 days for it to get dark enough that I believed it!

  12. marionberry

    pomelo / 5041 posts

    @evansjamie: I see it! Congratulations!

  13. Mrs. J

    pomelo / 5132 posts

    @evansjamie: congrats! Can't wait to see your test tomorrow.

  14. SweetMamaM

    pear / 1743 posts

    @Chillybear: congratulations! That is an insane amount of BFPs on the Jan thread! I hope our Feb thread is as lucky!

  15. SweetMamaM

    pear / 1743 posts

    @evansjamie: looking good! Can't wait to see your retest

  16. avivoca

    watermelon / 14467 posts

    It's official!!!!!! BFP!!!!

  17. Mrs squirreld

    nectarine / 2522 posts

    @evansjamie: woooohoooo congrats so exciting! This month was crazy!

  18. Chillybear

    pomegranate / 3032 posts


  19. mrs. bird

    bananas / 9628 posts

    @evansjamie: that is a beautiful line, congrats

  20. MapleMoose

    grapefruit / 4213 posts

    @Purple: @Chillybear: @evansjamie: Congratulations ladies!!

  21. Smurfette

    GOLD / wonderful coconut / 33402 posts

    @evansjamie: Congrats!!!!

  22. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    @evansjamie: congratulations!

  23. Alivoo01

    wonderful olive / 19353 posts

    Purple: @Chillybear: @evansjamie: Congratulations ladies!!

    January has quite the list of BFP and there's still a few days left!

  24. T.H.O.U.

    wonderful clementine / 24134 posts

    Congratulations to all!!! Anyone else still waiting for a Jan BFP? I am interested in seeing the total count for the month!!

  25. avivoca

    watermelon / 14467 posts

    Thank you everyone! We are in shock!

  26. Mrs. J

    pomelo / 5132 posts

    @evansjamie: wahoo!! Congrats again!

  27. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    1/4 futuremama *BFP!!!!*
    1/5 Doxielove *rollover*
    1/7 Thehistoryofus (#1) *rollover*
    1/7 Marionberry *BFP!!!!*
    1/8 Mrs squirreld *BFP!!!!*
    1/9 LittleGBee *BFP!!!!*
    1/9 everbee *rollover*
    1/10 char54 *BFP!!!!*
    1/10 fussygal *rollover*
    1/11 Ash *rollover*
    1/11 MamaMagpie *BFP!!!!*
    1/11 Colee *BFP!!!!*
    1/12 LindsayInNYC *rollover*
    1/12 fuzzypeaches *rollover*
    1/13 thismustbetheplace *rollover*
    1/14 mango.sprays *BFP!!!!*
    1/14 MrsClownfish *BFP!!!!*
    1/14 Shutterbug *rollover*
    1/14 MrsCastro *rollover*
    1/14 ladybee *rollover*
    1/15 Jennimac *rollover*
    1/15 kentuckygirl *rollover*
    1/17 ChitownRo
    1/18 iluvpink *rollover*
    1/19 Mrs. J *rollover*
    1/20 runnerd *BFP!!!!*
    1/20 VEGMAMA *rollover*
    1/24 MapleMoose *BFP!!!!*
    1/24 Thehistoryofus (#2) *rollover*
    1/25 Ms.janedoe
    1/27 Purple *BFP!!!!*
    1/27 ineebee
    1/30 Mrs Spoon
    1/30 MrsH *rollover*
    1/31 alie
    1/31 Chillybear *BFP!!!!*
    1/31 MrsTiz
    1/31 evansjamie *BFP!!!!*


    (So far) January BFP Count: 14!!!

  28. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @evansjamie: Congratulations mama!! :))

  29. ineebee

    pear / 1580 posts

    All of these BFPs! Congrats @evansjamie!

    I got BFNs at 15 DPO and this morning at 18 DPO, and I've been having some light pink spotting and very, very mild cramps since Friday. Pretty unusual for me.

    Just got the results of DH's semen analysis, and he is off the charts! So proud of him! We did everything right around the time of O, AND I had my HSG this cycle, so I really thought this was going to be it! I know people say it ain't over til AF comes, but a BFN on an FRER at 18 DPO is pretty definitive, no?

  30. fairefaire

    kiwi / 526 posts

    I'm out.

  31. T.H.O.U.

    wonderful clementine / 24134 posts

    @alie: Aww Alie I am so sorry, hope you get your BFP next month.

    @ineebee: I would be POAS twice a day, still BFN at 18DPO? I hope you can keep holding out!

  32. MrsTiz

    cantaloupe / 6800 posts

    14! Wow! You guys are rockstars!!
    I am still not technically out, but I tested Sunday and BFN. I'll test by the 31st so I can still be in January

  33. ineebee

    pear / 1580 posts

    I'm out, too.

  34. MrsTiz

    cantaloupe / 6800 posts

    AF expected tomorrow, BFN today.
    @ineebee: hugs

  35. T.H.O.U.

    wonderful clementine / 24134 posts

    @ineebee: sorry. See you over in feb

    @MrsTiz: good luck tomorrow.

  36. ineebee

    pear / 1580 posts

    @Mrs. Tiz: Sorry to hear.

    @Thehistoryofus: On my way over.

  37. singingbee

    pomelo / 5073 posts

    Ladies, I'm sorry for all the rollovers!

  38. Turd Ferguson

    pomegranate / 3160 posts

    I'm officially transferring to the February boards. No AF yet, and I think I'm FINALLY going to O in the next day or 2 (on CD 35-36...). Blaaaah!

  39. Mrs Spoon

    kiwi / 603 posts

    I've never been this excited to wake up at 5AM before! 12dpo and what ya know...a BFP!!!

    DH is still sleeping. Now I need to think of a cute way to tell him the news tonight!

  40. Happygal

    pomelo / 5000 posts

    @MrsSpoon: Yeah!!! Big congrats.

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