Eeek! I can't believe I'm really starting my first IUI cycle next month.

I'm going to be out of the country so I asked my doctor if I could get the medication mailed to me earlier. AF is suppose to come about Nov 30 or Dec 1st.

I thought I was only going to get the Femera pills but they also sent me HCG solution to inject. I'm not squimish about needles but I am kinda anxious about injecting myself IM.

I hope my doctor goes over what I have to do. There was only the product insert and no directions from the doctor. The meds were shipped to me from an out of state pharmacy, though. I need to call them next week with directions.

Things are starting to get real with my IUI.

ETA: Oh, just looked over my notes from my last doctor's visit. It doesn't look like I will be injecting myself. When I come back into the country and I go to my ultrasound appointment on CD12-14, that is when the nurse will inject if I have mature follicles.