Have you ever seen a Lactation Consultant? If so, how much does a visit usually costs?

I was sort of diagnosed with Thrush with LO1 and spent months and $$$ trying to get rid of it. I had painfully cracked nipples and LO had a white coating only on the back of her tongue. Finally after MONTHS the Ped said he really wasn't sure it was Thrush after all since the tongue thing didn't really change. My OB didn't domuch beside prescribe some APNO and I think I did a round of antibiotics?

I'm seeing similar white coating on the tongue on baby #2 and an occasional sharp shooting pain in one breast (Dr. Google suggests Thrush), but no cracked nipples or any other symptoms. Baby seems to have a good latch, feeds often, no other issues, but I don't know who else to see if it is indeed Thrush. My GF told me her baby had a white tongue coating too, and she just wiped it clean all the time, "brushing" his tongue with a wet washcloth. Neither was diagnosed with Thrush.

Has anyone seen a LC for something like this? I'm thinking a LC would know more than our Ped or my OB? Right now my main concern is the deep shooting sharp pain in the breast, but no other issues.