Hello Everyone! This is my first post, and I am desperately looking for answers. I am 28 years old and my husband (31) and I have been TTC for a year. After coming off birth control last year, I did not have AF on my own. We also then realized I do not OV on my own. My OB prescribed 50mg Clomid and I ovualted CD18 but no BFP. On my second round of 50mg clomid, no OV. In third month, 100mg did not have successful OV either. I began seeing an RE 6 months ago. He diagnosed me with lean PCOS. My hormone levels, AMH, and bloodwork all came back normal, I am not overweight, no excess or loss of hair, some acne after coming off BCP but has gotten much better, and I have polycystic ovaries. The RE put me on 5mg letrozole in which I ovulated on CD17 two months in a row but no BFP. This past moth was my third month. I have ultrasounds CD13-17 that showed a dominant follicle of 2.6cm on CD17. I also had "OV cramping" on CD17 so we assumed successful OV. My progesterone level test on CD23 revealed I did not ovulate. I am so disappointed and confused. I do not understand how I did not ovualte especially given the dominant follicle. My RE wants me to take a month off and possibly try and HCG trigger shot and even IUI with my next round of letrozole (femara). I have had trouble finding other people with lean PCOS who then have similar symptoms. Any information or advice would be appreciated!
Thank you!