My son is in 1st grade, reading well (actually really well, in my opinion). He learned how to read using Hooked on Phonics. It was a very good start and then he went on to kindergarten and learned so much there.
Bob's books were a big fail for us. I was trying to teach him how to sound the words but he didn't get it until he watched Hooked on Phonics. Before HoP, we also tried one app. I think it was how to teach your monster how to read. He spent more time trying to move the monster than sounding the words. Big fail for us. So now, daughter will go into kindergarten. I thought she would be able to use HoP. She just memorized the video order of the sounds (mat, cat and etc) so it's not like she's reading. If I sound it with her, she can do it... but she won't do it by herself. Any suggestions? Any other programs? Doesn't have to be free but i hope it can help my daughter. Bob's books: fail x 2
for us