Hi all!

Like many of you, there are about a million and one things that you consider regarding how you will raise (or are raising) your kids.

The one I am currently contemplating and preparing for (I have 5 1/2 months left, lol) is how to introduce them to various languages. I have done research on this for a project at school and definitely want to introduce all three languages to them simultaneously--the grandparents will speak Korean, my husband will speak English and Korean and I will speak English and Spanish.

Additionally, for my own sake as much as theirs, I want to gather some good children's books in all three languages and begin reading from them all in rotation. This way, I can continue learning Korean with them and practice my reading skills.

I would also be open to CDs I can play in the car of songs or stories in either language--or cartoons to introduce later in life.

My main question is: Do any of you have experience raising a multi-lingual child and/or do you have any tips in this area?