Anyone else lay with their LO until they fall asleep when they are 4yo+????

I do and I don't care, I like it. She wants me to and I know that won't last forever. Do I think she could fall asleep on her own? Heck yeah, she does at school for naps and nights when I'm not there (although those are very few).

This normally isn't an issue but the other night DS woke up, he is 1 and goes to bed before DD. Since I was laying with DD my DH had to tend to DS. He then proceeded to tell me I need to stop laying with DD and that I am creating a bad habit that will only get worse.

A little more background is that before we had DS we did have to stop laying with DD, she was 2-3yo at the time and it would take her 45 min-1 hr to fall asleep and it was taking too much time. So we did institute a no laying with her rule. Now that she is 4yo and goes to preschool she usually falls asleep within 5-10 mins and I fell back into the routine of potty/teeth/songs/books/lights out/snuggle/sleep.

I'm here looking for anyone who will co-sign my bs (lol)??? Or am I alone and am I creating a bad situation?