HELLO MAMA BEES! Ok. So I'm back to ttc since my last post after losing my dad to cancer. I took a little break to get myself together. So two cycles ago I had a 41 day cycle and I started taking vitex. So I been on vitex now for 2 months. I got my opks and preseed ( would have been my first time using both) to get ttc started, but on cd 34 which was September 2nd I started spotting. I only spotted once that whole day and once the next day and it never started again. I thought AF was going to start and that maybe the vitex was working to regulate my cycle, but it was just very light spotting. Anyway, I tested on cd 40 and it was a bfn. I'm not sure if it was af or not. I've never had a cycle like that. Oh, that whole week I had on and off cramps and occasionally felt like bubbles in my stomach. Does anyone know what could be going on? I don't think I'm having symptoms. There's been many, MANY times I thought I was having pregnancy symptoms and then af would show her horrible face. The only thing I can say I've felt was a little dizzy from time to time and my appetite has increased. Sorry for rambling. Any thoughts?