I saw the on call OB today because I've been worried about flush. She seems to think it's more likely mastitis!

Whatever it is, I feel like I've had it for a while, like 2 weeks. I haven't gone in because it's not super painful and I don't have a temp.

My breasts are extremely itchy most of the time. My left breast is reddish/purple underneath (I know that sounds bad, but I'm also not used to it being this large or this full of milk...thought maybe that was it) and my right has a reddish area sometimes.

I also get a deep pain/pins and needles feeling periodically which I thought was my milk letting down...

It's so hard to know what normal when your entire body changes in a matter of weeks!

Either way, i'm starting antibiotics and going back in tomorrow. She drew a circle on my boob around the reddish area. Hot.