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Show me your LO's Meal portions

  1. travellingbee

    hostess / papaya / 10219 posts

    @SweetiePie: these are from Costco 😉

  2. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    @travellingbee: ahhhhhh yessssss. That's my kind of cooking. Hahahaha. I rely heavily on frozen stuff that I don't have to feel too guilty about

  3. travellingbee

    hostess / papaya / 10219 posts

    @SweetiePie: me too- that's why I love trader joes These are yummy. I really like this brands veggie muffins for a grab and go breakfast too!

  4. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    @travellingbee: yes! I have some of their veggie soufflés. Actually haven't tried to give them to LO though. I'll try for lunch some time!

  5. JoyfulKiwi

    nectarine / 2667 posts

    I also finally took pictures! We had grilled chicken (in a teriyaki/lime marinade), buttered toast, milk, & frozen peas & carrots (husband & I had grilled zucchini, but F doesn't like zucchini). He ate almost a whole chicken thigh, nearly all the veg, a few bites of bread, & 2 glasses of milk.
    Wins: ate a good amount, dinner only took 30 min
    Losses: in & out of his seat, refused to wear pants

    @travellingbee: those look delicious!

  6. gingerbebe

    cantaloupe / 6131 posts

    Kid still has a cold. Last two days he basically just ate plain rice and milk for dinner. Tonight he was feeling better but very tantrummy so dinner happened in the Learning Tower while Facetiming with Grandma.

    This was blackberries, milk, and homemade fried rice with multigrain rice, scrambled egg, Canadian bacon, corn, carrots, and zucchini with soy sauce. We stirred in some ketchup too and I had to spoon feed it to him while he sang and talked to Grandma and ate fruit.

    He ate about 1/2 cup of fried rice, 2oz of milk, and had thirds on the blackberries, plus a few bites of mango. He also requested half a banana after dinner.

  7. MrsB2012

    nectarine / 2466 posts

    @irene: chocolate sweet potato zucchini pancakes?! Do you have a link to the recipe?

  8. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @JoyfulKiwi: lol, "refused to wear pants"

  9. sunny

    coconut / 8430 posts

    LO did great today. She actually ate 1 extra gyoza and another 2 pieces of paratha that aren't pictured. Finished everything but the corn.

  10. irene

    nectarine / 2964 posts

    @travellingbee: Wow! 100 calories! I need some of that for MYSELF as snack lol

    @MrsB2012: It was from hellobee!

    I would add 2/3 cup of milk to this recipe or the pancakes would be too thick to set. And I sometimes use 2 bananas (instead of 1), and I usually add some blueberries (blend it together in a food processor with sweet potato, zucchini and banana into a puree) to it too. If the batter is not sweet enough I would add a tiny touch of honey instead of syrup. This time I added some bitter sweet chocolate chips to the batter at the very end and then cook it, and it was a big hit! Basically everytime I add a teeny tiny bit of chocolate and ask DS "hey do you want chocolate (fill in the blanks)?" He'd gobble it down just because of the word "chocolate" lol

    On another note, I had shrimp and grits at a restaurant over the weekend and all I can think about the past 2 days was Shrimp and Grits. Theoretically DS eats shrimp, and he eats grits. I found a recipe and I am going to make it next week and see what happens

  11. mfa_lady

    pomegranate / 3921 posts

    DD has been eating like a horse the past few days, and i finally remembered to take a pic. Usually she would pick at these things or feed the dog half. But tonight she ate all the chicken, all the pasta that didn't fall off her fork (I was helping--angel hair is not good for little hands but it's what we had) and tried one raspberry and hated it. She ate half a banana after this, too.

    ETA: she's about to be 18 months.


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