I’m just curious what your experience was if anyone dealt with this. I’m not overly worried about it as I also had a milk allergy growing up but my mom has no memory of the details

We think baby (9m) also has allergies to eggs (like scrambled) and raspberries, so far. Thankfully peanut is fine. These guesses are based on hives and bumpy bright red rash from skin contact, as well as crying and refusal to eat more. I’m seeing the pedi soon so planning to ask of course but looking to see what it was like for others.

What was your baby able to eat related to milk? So far she seems ok with baby yogurt (doesn’t fuss) so I thought maybe it was different but I did notice a contact bumpy rash on her arm today - so prolonged contact was bad. Baked goods like bread have not seemed problematic. But a couple things with more pronounced milk ingredient were a no go (like she tried Mac n cheese).

Also, did you do any testing related to this or just wait it out? When/if did your baby grow out of it? Did you do a milk substitute after 1? She’s still bf and me having dairy hasn’t been an issue and I have another kid who doesn’t like milk so still won’t drink it at 4 (but eats other dairy).

Thanks for any experience!