Okay, we have reached the 9 month mark and I am losing my motivation to continue! My supply seemed to tank last week (I was on my period so thought that might be why, but no increase this week...) and I am just starting to lose motivation. I have had a little struggle with my supply all along since LO had a tongue tie early on, but I was able to EBF to nearly 6 months. At that point, I wasn't able to keep up without stressing about it so I started giving 1 formula bottle/day and we have been doing fine with that since. But now my supply has tanked (getting only 2 oz/pump session at work as opposed to at least 4-5 oz previously). It would require some hard work to keep it up and I am just wondering if there is really that much benefit? I never planned to BF for more than 1 year so I'm beginning to want to just throw in the towel now! So, BM gurus out there give me some stats to help me keep on plugging..... On the other hand, I would LOVE to stop this pumping nonsense.