My daughter will be 9 months next week. I'm a little confused about feeding her. She currently eats solids twice a day. Her pedi wants her eating 3 meals/day by 9 months. She currently receives breastmilk in 3 bottles/day while my mom watches her. She nurses with me morning and night. Right now she is having a bottle every 3 hours. Should I increase to every 4 hours? Every 9 month schedule I see shows only 4 feedings/day, not 5 like we're still doing. I asked a lactation consultant and she said DD would decrease the number of ounces on her own. How is she supposed to do that when she's given a bottle?! I don't want to waste any BM! Yesterday she seemed really full. She got 4 oz three times and 2 meals + snacks (2-3 ounces/meal, puffs, mini muffins, s. potato fries, teething toast). She was getting 5 oz per feeding but I cut it back an ounce. Any guidance would be very much appreciated!