Hi Everyone,

Our ds is 6.5 months. He currently sleeps in his crib in our room. We had always planned to move him into the nursery at a later date but we never decided on a set date. He is at the age where it is rare for him to sleep with us in our bed. he just sees that as an opportunity to play. Once in a while we can cuddle with him but its rare.

We also had to sleep train him twice and its really hard not to go to him when his crib is right there. We are thinking that he would do much better in his own room. We wake him up when we make noises and I react to all his little noises.

However we dont even know where to start and Im still reluctant cuz its such a huge step for me. I just want him close by but it is obvious we are a distraction to his sleep.

Did anyone else move their lo to their own nursery after many months? Any tips or advice?