DS is 7.5 weeks old and (knock on ALL the wood) a generally good sleeper so far. We swaddle him for all naps and bedtime, and for the past couple of weeks I've been waking him at 7am if he is not awake yet so that our days fall into a more consistent pattern.

I go back to work when he is 11 weeks old, and I'll have to wake him at 6am in order to get him ready and to daycare on time. I also just found out they no longer allow swaddles or Magic Merlin sleep suits at daycare, babies can sleep in a regular sleep sack only.

I'm thinking I should try to start transitioning him to napping without a swaddle, and waking up earlier...but not sure if I just do both cold turkey or if I should do it slowly? Like wake him up 10 minutes earlier and keep moving it back, or swaddling one arm for a few days, etc. My other 2 kids I pretty much just let daycare deal with the crap naps, but our first month or two of daycare were complete messes because of the lack of sleep while they adjusted.