So I have an opportunity to go to NYC for a long girl's weekend in August. I LOVE NYC and also haven't slept in 5 years so it might be nice to do that, plus to recharge and regroup and just catch my breath.

My issue is my 19 month old. She is still nursing and doesn't have any interest in stopping (and it makes me super sad to think about weaning her as she's my last baby). She gets hysterical if I don't go to her and she wants me, she does take a bottle at night but sometimes only a boob will do. (This is another reason I'm hesitant to go is that it seems like it's unfair to ask my husband to deal with her by himself when sometimes she only wants me). I also don't want to drag my pump along (I don't pump at all anymore, just nurse on demand).

I guess I'm just looking for advice on what to do. Wean, don't go, don't wean and take pump- let me add a poll. Thanks!