This morning I had a meeting at 8:30, so we dropped our kids off at school a few minutes earlier than usual. The yard is supervised starting at 8:15, and it was just about 8:15 when we left (which is to say, the yard was supervised when we left my six year old there). We then left the school property and were about 100 feet down the sidewalk when we heard people calling, looked back, and my son was running down the sidewalk after us (long story short, because we were early when he looked around the yard he only saw daycare kids and thought he wasn't allowed to be there). So he left the schoolyard (one small gate), ran across what can be a busy parking lot, out past the teacher (I think she's the vice principal) who mans the driveway, and down the sidewalk after us. About a minute after we got to him the teacher manning the driveway and my other son's kindergarten teacher (she'd seen him run past, recognized him, and went after him) caught up to us but come on! I feel like this shouldn't have been allowed to happen - shouldn't the yard duty teachers be watching the gate? On the other hand, I know there's only a few teachers out there and hundreds of kids. Am I expecting too much? I just can't decide if I should call the school or have a talk with my son about how he can't leave the yard and if he has a problem he should talk to a teacher.