Ok bees I need you help!! Tell me what you would do.

DH's aunt is coming into town to take her youngest to college. She intends to come to our house for dinner on Sunday evening before she flys home.

Here are the issues:
- we just moved about 6 weeks ago. Our house is so not ready for guests to see
- his aunt has a long history of being super judgmental of our life and choices
- she excepts to be entertained properly at our house for dinner (meaning beverage service and proper dinner services)
- if we don't host her, we will be subject to issues with DH's extended family.
- she is only going to be here for a few hours one day
- she is bring pictures of DH and his departed mother that we really want.

I have so much anxiety about this women coming to our place. I can't figure out a polite way to not have her at our house for dinner and dessert.
Help me figure something out that will keep us all sane and In good with DH's family.