I've been trying to add some new dishes to our regular repertoire, but Charlie pretty much hasn't eaten any of the new dishes I've tried the past couple of months. So we always end up going back to Korean food since he eats it best (I always have some on hand because I cook in batches and freeze), and I really want him to eat less soup and rice.

Food has been a real challenge in our house. Mr. Bee eats a lot of salmon/tilapia, legumes, salad -- all things Charlie does not eat, so we end up making different meals.

I seriously need recipes for your LO's absolute favorite dishes. Anything that doesn't involve tomatoes, as Charlie has never touched anything that had even a little bit of tomatoes in it (even pizza and spaghetti!)

Maybe we could even pull together a Hellobee cookbook generated by our community! Real recipes by real moms (for really picky toddlers!)