I've written in a lot in the past two weeks and still have questions to be helped with! motherhood is never-ending with new questions!

First, did anyone else's 4 month old struggle while bottle feeding and move around a bunch. He keeps pressing up on the bottle and pulling it out of his mouth on accident. I swear he never stops moving! I tried the Dr. Browns next size up in nipples (the 3 month +) and he didn't seem to like how much faster it came out so I stay with the 1+ and they still seem too slow for him. Should I keep trying with the new ones?

Second, HOLY hair loss. My hair is coming out in what seems to be handfuls every time I touch it. It falls out constantly for the last week. The shower drain is a disaster too. Is this the norm for post part hair loss? I hope - because I feel like I am going bald!