So my little budgie is 3 weeks old and he still hasn't made it back up to his birth weight (6 lb 14 oz). His discharge weight was 6lb 5 oz. As of the beginning of this week he was 6 lb 10 oz, and we had a recheck today to make sure he is trending in the right direction, but he's 6 lb 9.5 oz today. He's definitely not gaining, but not steadily losing either.

I feel like BF'ing has improved significantly (doesn't hurt the vast majority of the time, he latches well, and a speech pathologist commented that he looks good when nursing), but I think he's still really inefficient. He does spit up, but doesn't get fussy or angry. He spends the vast majority of the day latched (every 1.5 - 2 hours according to the Baby Connect app).

Could I still have a low supply even if I can still hand express after he nurses? (I'm always soft, but generally feel more "full" in the mornings.) He will eventually fall asleep at the boob rather than push away when done, but this is after marathon nursing sessions. Are all newborns completely awake and alert after most feedings? Anyone have an inefficient eater where it all worked out in the end and you are EBF'ing exclusively?

Right now we're likely going to have to supplement him with formula, but it is going to be a battle, because he's definitely a boob man. I'm already taking lactation supplements in case it is supply. I've been able to pump 0.5 - 1 oz fairly consistently, when I could pump. I haven't pumped lately, because there is honestly no time. I'm not sure what to do. I hate the thought of pulling him off to give him a bottle.