We're having some trouble with getting our newborn to latch. We have a lactation consultant coming on Monday for a home visit, but in the mean time I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience and suggested remedies. The pediatrician at the hospital seemed to think the LO had a great suck and was an unlikely candidate for tongue tie based on the length of the frenulum and the fact that he was extending it over his gumline, but it seems over the past day or so that his tongue has gotten sore, he's less willing to suck, and when he opens his mouth to feed, his tongue is going to the top of his mouth. Does this sound like tongue tie, or is it simply overuse? If the latter, any suggestions for how to make it feel better? We're on a strict feeding schedule based on the amount of weight the LO has lost since birth, so giving the tongue a rest is not an option. Thanks!