I am nearing the end of nursing and hoping to fully wean by the end of September. We are down to one nursing session at 6:30am (to be weaned off by next Tuesday) and one at bedtime. We have been on this schedule pretty much since the end of June. Since mid-July I've been battling (on and off) a cut/crack on my nipple. It is on the underside where my nipple joins my aerola I guess. When I nurse and it's cracked...OWWWWW it hurts so bad. I do have some flaking on the skin below it - but I've been using a fair amount of lanolin...so I don't know if that has anything to do with things.

My DS doesn't have any signs of thrush in his mouth. But everytime I google what is going on with me that is all I can find. Also - my cracks are not on the top of the nipple which is also what seems to be most common on google.

Anyone have this happen? I can't imagine that if it was thrush for 1+ months that it wouldn't a) have gotten worse on me and b) gotten to the white spots in mouth stage for DS..................right?

Oh Hive.....I am hoping for some advice! I was really hoping to end this BF journey on a pleasant note!