Alright - I'd love the thoughts from some of you with a bit more experience with OPKs than me.

This is my first month using OPKs. I decided to double up and use both Wondfos and ClearBlue digital tests (just to try to make sure I was reading the Wondfos correctly).

Here are my Wondfo OPKs from Friday to Sunday and the times I took them. I've also indicated what my ClearBlue Digital OPK indicated.

It looks to me like my Wondfo was close to positive (maybe actually positive) at both Friday times, definitely positive Saturday morning, and negative again by Sunday morning. But why would my ClearBlue test not be positive until after the Wondfo has returned to negative? Thoughts?

We definitely treated this weekend like prime time and I got (what appears to be) my temp spike this morning (Tuesday) so hopefully this will be my month! But if not, I'd like to understand these OPKs a little better for next time.