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Outlander - TV or Book?

  1. Synchronicity

    grapefruit / 4089 posts

    @raspberries: @ShootingStar: I'll likely read them all anyway; I'm a quick reader and I don't want the series to be over too soon! Haha

  2. HappyBaker

    nectarine / 2242 posts

    I just started Book 1 last week. Is the show based on just the first book? I don't want to watch further than I've read!

  3. Synchronicity

    grapefruit / 4089 posts

    @HappyBaker: I think the 8 episodes they have available now will take you maybe halfway through the first book?

  4. .twist.

    pineapple / 12802 posts

    @HappyBaker: I've been doing some reading and it sounds like the first season is Book 1.

  5. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts

    My sister got me to watch the Outlander TV series and I loved it. I then read the first book and loved it. The second book I'm definitely struggling to read. I'm about 75% done but too much 'history' to follow.

  6. mamimami

    grapefruit / 4120 posts

    I just got the kindle version of book 1 and started it last night thanks to you dang internet people!!

  7. Synchronicity

    grapefruit / 4089 posts

    @mamimami: haha! Hope you like it!

    @bluestriped bee: some of the books definitely fit the historical fiction bill more than others

  8. .twist.

    pineapple / 12802 posts

    Soooo... I made it to and past the wedding night...

    um... no one warned me. I've been recommending this book to everyone.... including my mom... and MIL.... awkward...

  9. mamimami

    grapefruit / 4120 posts

    @.twist.: Is that in the first book? Now I've got to read faster!!

  10. caitlanc

    cherry / 156 posts

    @Twist - In which case, DON"T recommend Voyager! Fortunately, there's no real need to since they'll either be into it or not by that point but yeah...not G rated!

    Also, don't write off the ones set in America before you read them! They're actually some of my favorites. (Though historical fiction is my favorite genre so maybe that's why.)

  11. MrsBananaGrabber

    apricot / 309 posts

    LOVE the first four books- I've read them all a few times (especially the first one- definitely the best in my opinion.)

    Despite loving the first four so much, I just can't get through the 5th. I've made myself read several law school text books cover to cover, but the 5th book just bores me to tears and I just can't do it. My family is obsessed with the series though and they insist it gets better again.

  12. Synchronicity

    grapefruit / 4089 posts

    @.twist.: LOL! Woops. My mom has my grandma reading 50 Shades, so there is no shame in a bit of trashy reading in my family The show can be mildly graphic as well. The wedding episode was, er... well done! Haha

  13. .twist.

    pineapple / 12802 posts

    @caitlanc: thanks! I will keep that in mind. I'm totally hooked right now so I can't see myself skipping any of the books, even if they are a bit dull at times.

    @Synchronicity: I actually read a blog post about the wedding episode. ahem. well done then, indeed!


    and I know I keep reviving this thread, sorry, but YOU GUYS. WTF is going on!!!!!! I'm nearing the last little bit of the book and... without giving away too much, Jamie is in a bit of a bind right now while Claire tries to ward off a Wolf. I hope you're remember what part I'm at. I'm FREAKING OUT. I'm kind of waiting for Jamie to hulk out right now and save himself. *sobs*

  14. Synchronicity

    grapefruit / 4089 posts

    @.twist.: poor Jamie

  15. .twist.

    pineapple / 12802 posts

    @Synchronicity: haha your comment is hardly reassuring.

  16. mrsvdv

    apricot / 431 posts

    @.twist.: hang in there!

    I looooooooove the show, and that's 95% because of Sam. OMG.

    But, I have a question for those of you who have read beyond book two:

    !!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!

    don't you find the time gap annoying? I struggled with the third book and didn't finish it because I felt I couldn't relate to them as well as in the first two books?!

  17. Synchronicity

    grapefruit / 4089 posts

    @mrsvdv: yes, I felt cheated out of years of young Jamie I got used to it though!

  18. MrsBananaGrabber

    apricot / 309 posts

    @mrsvdv: Not a fan of the time gap! I bet Gabaldon regrets it now, as she can't help but age the characters and she has to stretch everything out so much.

  19. Mrs. Confetti

    blogger / pomegranate / 3491 posts

    So I totally missed this thread the past few days but I too would love the link to be able to watch without having stars...loved the book series through number 4. Didn't even try five as I only heard meh reviews. But loved Jamie enough to convince DH to add the name to our short list for boys names...didn't quite tell him why

  20. Synchronicity

    grapefruit / 4089 posts

    @.twist.: Haha it's the truth sista. Guy has a rough go of it!

    @Mrs. Confetti: I'll wall you with the site that I use

  21. Mrs. Confetti

    blogger / pomegranate / 3491 posts

    @Synchronicity: thanks!!

  22. .twist.

    pineapple / 12802 posts

    @Mrs. Confetti: It's amazing how you fall in love with certain names. I tried that with Dexter (after the TV series) but DH was onto my thought line and said that was totally an inappropriate character to name our kid after! HA. aaaw. I still love it though.

  23. avivoca

    watermelon / 14467 posts

    @mrsvdv: The time gap is a bit annoying, but you get used to it. Plus, she does tell you bits of what happened in those 20 years.

  24. .twist.

    pineapple / 12802 posts

    @mrsvdv: @MrsBananaGrabber: @avivoca: Could she write more books filling in more of that time?

  25. MrsKoala

    cantaloupe / 6869 posts

    @mrsvdv: I HATED the time gap when I first read the books. Now, I'm kind of okay with it. Not sure what changed for me other than 10 years of time!

  26. avivoca

    watermelon / 14467 posts

    @.twist.: I think she has, but I'm not sure. I know she has some for Lord john, but hearing about Jamie's life in prison or the cave may not be too interesting.

  27. mrsvdv

    apricot / 431 posts

    @Synchronicity: @MrsBananaGrabber: @avivoca: @MrsKoala: I've decided next time I go to the library I'm picking up book three again because this thread made me realize how much I miss him! But I'll never think it was a good move to let all that time pass - what a waste!

  28. Synchronicity

    grapefruit / 4089 posts

    Just picked up book four from the library!

  29. .twist.

    pineapple / 12802 posts

    @avivoca: oh! Yea, I didn't realize that time was spent in prison and/or caves! Kinda makes sense because who DOES want to read about that, when he's not with Claire. heh. I'll have to read them all to really understand what ya'll are saying.

    @Synchronicity: Enjoy! I finished the 1st one. LOVED it. Taking a break to read a couple other books and then I will start the second one.

  30. aegie

    clementine / 806 posts

    @caitlanc: omg, i hated the Caribbean one. I think that was voyager, right? for the love of all that is good, that book so so all over the place!

  31. avivoca

    watermelon / 14467 posts

    I just finished Voyager and am starting Drums of Autumn. I guess the upside of being home sick is that I get a lot of reading done. There's only so much sitting around one can do before you go stir crazy.

  32. avivoca

    watermelon / 14467 posts

    @.twist.: urm, sorry for the possible spoilers! Enjoy book two!!!!

  33. .twist.

    pineapple / 12802 posts

    @avivoca: oh no worries. I asked the question! I don't feel like that really spoiled anything for me.

  34. mamimami

    grapefruit / 4120 posts

    @.twist.: you made me rush up through the wedding because I thought it was going to be really juicy! That was totally g-rated! Am I dirty to admit I'm disappointed?

  35. .twist.

    pineapple / 12802 posts

    @mamimami: hahaha omg! I must be such a prude! I'm not sure which of us should be embarrassed! LOL.

    ETA: Although, this is one of the only Romance-esque books I've ever read.

  36. CRGmama

    apricot / 324 posts

    @MrsBananaGrabber: I'm in the same boat! I read the first four in pretty quick succession and I just could not get through the fifth. When I was 200+ pages in and all of what I had read took place in one day....done. That's enough.

    I loved the first and third books the best. The show is great, obsessed with Jamie of course. I was really disappointed it was only 8 episodes.

  37. Synchronicity

    grapefruit / 4089 posts

    @CRGmama: at least it's coming back in April and we don't have to wait until the fall!

    @mamimami: haha I'm with you, I didn't think it was that bad!

  38. BKCaribBaby

    pear / 1672 posts

    I haven't read all of the answers yet, but I am about to finish the first book tonight. I have to admit that I think I like the show a bit better. The book can be a bit slow in parts. That said, I think it's still worth reading. I will probably read the second book at least. I LOVE the show and think Catriona Balfe is great. Sam Heughan (Jamie) is my new celebrity obsession.

    ETA: Still can't believe that Starz has a 6 month hiatus in between shows. Ugh! That said, after reading most of Book 1, I'm fascinated to see how they will portrayit in the show. I am the sad woman who had to watch Starz on Demand to review the older shows because I wasn't sure what was going on (it didn't get GOOD until the wedding. :))

  39. avivoca

    watermelon / 14467 posts

    Okay Outlanders, how is everyone doing? I just finished Drums of Autumn (aka 4th book) and will start #5 tomorrow.

    PS - Outlander Season 1 Volume 1 is available for pre-order on Amazon! I hope it goes Prime.

  40. MrsH

    honeydew / 7667 posts

    Starz is free this week and I may have watched four episodes last night.

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