Hello all, I'm new to this sight but looking for some insight. TTC now for a couple months, we were successful the first time we tried but I miscarried very early on back on Sep 23rd. Bleeding stopped after two days but continued to spot for about a week. I have a very long cycle, typically 40 days so first time around i tracked my ovulation with an app but don't think i actually conceived when it said i should have due to my mc being so early on.
I have not gotten AF yet since mc but figured it would take me the longer time frame due to my longer cycle but i started using my ovulation kit from Clear Blue. I received a smiley oct 15 so we dtd all weekend but I tested HPT Oct 29th Neg and Oct 31 Neg. But my ovulation test said I was ovulating Oct 29-31 and got negative ovulation today? So strange. Anyone else have wacky ovulation results?? Also still no AF, Very tired, extra cm these past two weeks and my breasts are very swollen and sore. Thinking I should re test Friday?!?!?!? any insight is great!