This is our second month TTC and the first month we weren't very proactive and didn't get pregnant. We are trying to BBD every other day and have been pretty good with that. I started ovulation sticks a couple days ago at CD15-top, CD 16 (around 2 pm)- middle, & the third (on the bottom is CD18 (at 3:30 am). I know it's supposed to be the same time every day but I wasn't feeling well so I did it in the middle of the night. Any help would be appreciated in interpreting the results! Is that extra dark line normal, does that mean I'm ovulating? My iphone app says Im supposed to ovulate today according to my 30 day cycle history.!Kind of confused! My last 2 cycles have been 30 days & I went off the pill in November & the first cycle was 28 days. Thanks!

PS sorry for the differences in color from the lighting..