So we have a part time nanny, she works 5 days a week, 5 hours a day. I'm feeling dumb because I completely blanked on discussing vacation/holiday situations in the hiring process. So with the holidays coming up, I need to figure that out. She's a student and has been watching DD for 6 weeks now. I'm really not sure how to handle holidays/vacations. From what I read online, it seems standard to pay for these, which makes sense as she's probably relying on a somewhat standard amount to pay her bills. (she's paid hourly) But also, most I've read were for full time nannies I think. Any flexibility with a part time? I want her to be happy of course, but I'm also cringing at paying for holidays because I only get paid for hours I'm working with my job. I'm looking for a solution for holidays/vacation time we decide to take (none planned currently).

No pay necessary? Suck it up and pay her for the 5 hours she would have worked? Offer half pay? Suggestions?

Obviously I'll run whatever I'm planning to do by her, but I'd like to have a suggestion going in.