A month and a half ago, I had terrible pain while Feeding. A few weeks ago, I was having NO pain while breastfeeding. I have no idea what made it go away, I just figured we were turning a corner. As of five days ago, I'm now having serious pain during latch on, and tenderness throughout the feeding. I don't know what I've done to cause this shift. But my nipples hurt so bad now, that even my cotton shirt feels rough. I haven't changed how I latch him on....but I'm wincing and I know it's not normal at this point in the game. And it being a Friday night, I can't get an appt with anyone for a bit. And frankly, if it doesn't get resolved, I have little motivation to deal with this kind of pain for 6-12 months.

Any ideas? I'm using APNO cream and will probably finish off the tube soon. I see my OB in a week, so I can get a refill

No itching to indicate thrush. Just lots of pain