I'm basically in my own sleep hell. Lemme just make this short by saying we have crazy motn wakeups as wel as early morning wakeups despite careful attention to wakeup times and preserving naps-I've even managed to be at home for almost all naps the last 3 weeks. I am verging on fully crazed. There are just not enough hours in te day because my 10 month old takes longer and longer to settle and he's up for almost 4 hours before each nap but by then I'm having to wake him up just to give him dinner , play a little then go right bak to bed. He settled but had a lot of wakeups and then pops right up at 5, even though he's still tired. Should I try 1nap? What is your 10 month old schedule like? I'm so crazed over here...tired and crying. Encouragement needed