I am the mommy to a beautiful, happy ebf 11 week old baby girl. She is a wonderful sleeper at night (FINALLY lol) and goes to sleep at about 7:30pm. I feed her again around 10:30 just before I go to bed, and then she wakes once at 3:30 or 4 to eat, and goes back to sleep until around 7. This just recently started about a week ago. Up until this past week she would wake 2-3x per night, and would nap 3x per day for anywhere from 1-2.5 hours each time.
The problem now is that during the day while I am away at work, she refuses to nap for her daddy. He is lucky to get 2 30 minute naps out of her. I initially thought that she was sleeping so well at night that she just didn't need much sleep during the day, but the more I talk to people and do some research, it seems she is still young enough to need more sleep during the day than what she is getting!
What gives?! Could she be sleeping TOO long at night time? What do your littles schedules look like? I'm not looking to 'sleep train' right away and we don't even need her on a perfect schedule; she is still very little. But we are trying to get her to nap a little longer or at least get to the bottom of this. She is a happy little thing until about 3pm when she starts getting very fussy because she hasn't slept enough during the day. Any ideas/insight/words of wisdom will be so appreciated.