Hi ladies, I've been a lurker here for a bit as I've just weaned my 18 month old DD and came off the mini pill to take a relaxed approach to TTC #2.

So here's my story: Had a period 8/6, used OPKs and based on those and CM O'd around CD12. Had O pain too. Then I had light spotting around 10 DPO which progressed over the weekend to a light period but still with some bright red blood (sorry TMI) and I used tampons.

But then a day or two ago I started using OPKs while charting temps since I saw this as my first "real" cycle post-wean and mini pill. They were strangely dark and on a whim last night I took a HPT and it was positive. UM what?! Like, a clear, dark positive on FRER and wondfo. So I'm concerned about an ectopic or something. But I did keep feeling slight dizziness, mild pinching and cramping and tiredness over my "period" like I did when I was pregnant with DD.

I have a call in to my doc, but has anyone heard of something like this? I'm so worried and confused - and of course we go for a late beach vacation on Saturday.