I've been nursing for 4.5 mo now and I haven't had any issues until this week. Sunday I woke up with a lumpy part at the top of my right breast. My baby is cosleeping and basically nurses every 2 hours so it unfortunately wasn't from a long stretch or anything. I think it was from my sleep bra, one of those ones you pull to the side.

I probably should have stayed home and nursed him all day but we were out and about and he's in a bit of a distracted phase. But he still nursed a minimum of every 3 hours. It got a little smaller on and off, and it was only painful when I would massage it.

Then yesterday, Monday, mid morning, suddenly it was gone! But then by bedtime it was back. It's still there today.

I don't know why my posts are always so wordy. To make a long story short, I've tried heat, massage, pumping, and frequent nursing. I tried lightly exfoliating the nipple with a washcloth (no visible clogged pores or anything). It's not painful. What should I do?