I had a plugged duct about 6 weeks ago. I felt horrible, had a fever but doctor sent me home saying it was just clogged and not mastitis. I felt better for about a day and it came back. A.day after that I felt fine.

Now it happened again on the other side last week. This time it lasted a little longer (2 days) but I didnt go to the doctor because I had the same symptoms as last time. Now a week later, it's happening again in the same breast. Could this just be left over from last week? Am I doing something wrong?

My baby is almost 13 weeks, has been going longer between feeds. Could this be contributing? I get a low-grade fever with these clogs, and it makes me feel awful. Luckily, I caught this one early, and I'm hoping I can work it out before the fever hits.

Any tips? I stopped wearing a bra to bed. How do I tell if he's finished off the breast? Sometimes he pulls his head back to unlatch. Sometimes he falls asleep. The breast will feel soft, but does that mean it's empty? I'm just so sick of this!

I don't think it's his latch, I had multiple lactation Consultants take a look at his latch in the early days and they said it look good. Also at his 2-month vaccination, I fed him in the room and the doctor commented that his latch look good. But can they really tell? He's gaining a lot of weight so there's no issue there.

Maybe it's just bad luck?