I’m a breastfeeding newbie and really struggling. My LO is almost 3 weeks old, and our BF journey started rocky right away. He had a tongue tie and upper lip tie that were fixed by day 3, but in the meantime he was cluster feeding and my nipples became black and blue, split, and bleeding.

Day 3 night at home was a nightmare, and the lactation consultant recommended I pump exclusively on day 4, supplement with formula when needed, and do saline baths on my nipples for 24 hours to help things heal (LO had no dirty diapers in 13 hours, so she was worried my nipples were so damaged they weren’t giving LO anything). It worked and we were back to nursing by day 5, but I’ve been struggling with what I thought was low supply ever since. LO will nurse for 1-2 hours and STILL gulp down an entire 2 oz bottle of either pumped milk or formula immediately after.

Last night, my left breast became so swollen and painful and rock hard on the top that I can barely take it. It’s excruciating. LO is trying to nurse but is really frustrated on that side, and when I hand express, milk only comes out of a single pore on the bottom, nothing else. Is this a clogged duct or engorgement? It’s the entire top of the breast, not a lump, and only my left breast. Right is normal and comfortable to nurse. Pumping is yielding next to nothing, but I used to get 1.5-2 oz from the left. I’ve tried hand expressing, massage, nursing, pumping, cold compress, warm compress...I’m in so much pain! Help!