Hi all, I am due with my 2nd in early October and already have a lot of anxiety about breastfeeding I really want to do things a bit differently this time around (first time I managed to BF for a year but experienced too many plugged ducts to count, oversupply and then got shingles--probably from lack of sleep and stress!). I did work closely with a lactation consultant who was great, however, she is not supportive of how flexible I want to be this time around so i am seeking some advice! Please note, I will be home with baby for at least 4-5 months.

Concern #1: I'd like to be able to step out of the house every once in awhile without worrying about rushing home to nurse or getting engorged. Does anyone have a particular strategy or routine that worked for you, that allowed you to BF with flexibility to have some alone time out of the house?

Concern #2: Lack of sleep/middle of the night feedings: How and when should I start pumping so that DH can help with middle of the night feedings? When he gets up to feed the baby, do I need to pump during that time too?

Concern #3: I think because I nursed around the clock, my body adjusted to that and by the time I wanted to change my routine I was in oversupply. How do I go about establishing a routine of breastfeeding that works for me? Do I only nurse at specific times of day (how do I ensure I have enough for a bottle and to accommodate growth spurts, etc.?)

If you have any other tips or suggestions that worked for you, I would love to hear them! My struggle with bfing was a huge contributor to my PPD so I am trying to prevent that as much as I can. Appreciate all your input!