I've been feeling achy all day and my breast feels like it's burning/irritated but is not really red. I emailed my OB through their portal and they said since I did not have a fever of 100.5 or higher and my breast wasn't red that it's not mastitis and to continue with pumping and nursing.
Now I have a fever that fluctuates between 100.5 and 102. I took ibuprofen and that does not seem to have helped. I emailed my doctor through their portal again but since it's after hours I do not think they'll respond till tomorrow morning.
Would you try to calling the after hours number or going to urgent care or would you wait it out till you get a response from them? They responded pretty quickly today during working hours. I would feel bad bothering them about this after hours if it's not mastitis
My LO is 9 weeks old and has been sleeping a 6 hour stretch at night the past couple of nights. Would you recommend pumping every 2-3 around the clock to try to get rid of this?
Thanks in advance for any advice.