We've had a good few days around here - I am continuing to supplement 1-3 oz after offering the breast for a good 30-45 minutes based on her transferring around 1 oz in weighted feeds. She is 7 weeks tomorrow. She has seemed content with this routine and put on some good weight finally- it has felt like a small victory with all the BF drama I've had in the past few weeks.

However, this afternoon at her 5:15pm feeding and then again after 7pm, she was really frantic at my breasts and pulled off really frustrated. I could manually express milk from both breasts which made me think she should be able to access it but she just seemed over it after 5-10 minutes both times I attempted nursing. I wasn't questioning my supply lately, but this has me a little concerned.

I feel like I am hydrated and have eaten pretty well today... I haven't taken my More Milk Plus in a few days, nor have I had lactation cookies which I had made a couple times per a friend's recipe (they were basically peanut butter, maple syrup, oats, and almonds... no brewer's yeast so I didn't really know if they were making a difference other than contributing to no more lbs coming off lately :P)

It has me a little worried that she is maybe preferring the bottle all of a sudden? This hasn't happened yet (I use slow flow Born Free). Could she just be having an off night? It is the witching hour time but she hasn't really done this before. She did seem more hungry today, eating closer to every 2 hours compared to 2.5/3 hrs- I wasn't sure if it was growth spurt related and maybe I just am not producing enough or my supply is just low today? Should I get a scale for home use? So many questions, I know... I just am hopeful to keep up our nursing relationship and got a little freaked out... we'll see how nursing goes later/tomorrow.