So, LO just turned 11 months old, and my goal has always been to breastfeed for at least a year. I'm so proud that we're still going strong. As we're increasing solids, he's starting to drink less in his expressed daycare bottles (18 oz now to 12 and sometimes only 9 oz/day). As you can imagine, I'm most excited about stopping pumping at work. I've been doing 3/day since I've been back. In the beginning it didn't cover his daycare bottles. Now it will. In fact, I think I can cover his bottles with 2 pumps at work. Do you have any advice for dropping pump sessions so that I'll still be able to nurse am and pm and not get too engorged and uncomfortable at work? I also have maybe 160 oz in freezer. And I plan to transition him to cow's milk at one year. Is it too soon to regularly drop a session? Help!