My LO is almost 7 months, has been exclusively breastfed. All went well until when he started teething about 4 months old. He's been having nursing strikes on and off but we were still fine... shaky but fine. But lately, I am not sure if it is because his top teeth are coming in, or if it is a preference he makes (since he gets bottles during daytime on weekdays), he has been on a pretty bad nursing strike. The past 3 weekends were hits and misses and it got worse week after week. He even refuse to take my breast in the 7am nursing which we have been consistently doing fine on. Then when he rejects me, it upsets me, affects my emotions and I wouldn't be able to pump (ie. Pumping yields 1 oz even when engorged). There are only two times left in the day that he would take my breast - before bedtime and overnight (if he wakes up to eat). I actually really enjoyed breastfeeding so this is very saddening to me.

The worst is, he hasn't been gaining weight well since 2months - he was between 75-90%, and then becomes 50-75% at 4 months, and 25-50% at 6 months. We went to the GI, and they said he could be allergic to my milk / what I eat, and therefore he has rash on his back, and not wanting to eat because it makes him uncomfortable.

All this has made me think about quitting. Everyone has been telling me to quit but I am the only one who stubbornly still can't pull the trigger (My husband was like, well you can start eating sushi and drink wine and coffee if you quit, which is so true!). I was aiming for a year and it saddens me that I will only be able to last 7 months.

I now wonder, would I be able to quit pumping, while still maintain adequate supply to breastfeed him before bed and overnight?

Also, I do have a freezer filled with pumped milk dated back to early april. Now we open 1 (5oz) bag a day for his cereals and purees. If I quit, do you think I can start giving those milk to him, or is it too old and not nutritious enough since I was told the content of breastmilk changes as the baby grow older?