LO is almost 10 months and I have over 1000 ounces in the freezer (and am almost out of room!).
He drinks between 10 and 15 oz/day, and I currently pump around 12 oz/day in 2 pump sessions, and nurse 3x. (I'm trying to NOT have to freeze anymore).
I recently cut from 3 pumps / day (9:30, 12:30, 3:30) to 2 pumps / day (10 and 2:30).
I'd like to get to 1 pump per day, and then none around 12 months; but hopefully still nurse mornings/evenings. He doesn't nurse much on the weekends during the day, so not terribly worried about that.

How did you decrease pumping sessions?
Were you able to keep nursing on weekends?