After a bitter-sweet 10 months, I am retiring the pump for good. I pumped once a day for the past week, then didn't pump yesterday at all. Just pumped the last time (and got 2 oz) and that was it.

Recapping my journey:

0 months: Painful nipples to begin with; crazy engorgement issues when milk first came in; lactation consultant made everything better; Acid reflux;

1-3 months: Honeymoon period where we nursed anywhere and everywhere and LO drinks 5-6 oz every time while gaining weight steadily; Started having weight gain issues at around 2-3 months.

3+ months: Our nanny started at 3 months and LO refused the bottle and preferred breast (oh those were the days). I also went to the ER because I drank too much water (I was going crazy because I thought I wasn't pumping enough, and somehow my body made me think I was very thirsty and I drank way too much water....)

4-6 months: LO prefered the bottle. Still having weight gain issues....Then nursing strike started around 4-5 months? It came and went...

7 months: Worked with a nutritionist for weight gain issues / less-than-ideal feeding and we started adding formula powder to breast milk bottles at 7+ months while we still nursed day and night and pumped during the day. Continued to have nursing strike on and off. He stopped waking up at night to eat though

8 months: LO decided he was done with breastfeeding at 8.5 months.

8.5 - 9 months: Pumping exclusively - then reduced to 2 times a day until only 2-3 oz comes out at every pump.

10 month birthday: All the frozen milk is gone, and finally pulling the plug.

Now I am going to go get a bottle of champagne to celebrate !