I am toying with the idea of going from 2 pump sessions down to one a day, and supplementing with formula.

As of right now, I nurse at 6:30, pump at 9:30 and 12:30, nurse around 4:30, and pump around 8:30. On average, my three pumps sessions cover 2.5 of his 3 daily bottles. I get barely anything at my second pump session, and when he nurses in the afternoon sometimes I have to top him off with some pumped milk.

If I drop down to one session, it will be nurse at 6:30, pump at 12:00, nurse at 4:30, and pump at 8:30. The 5.5 hour break in the morning is a little worrying. However, I almost never get engorged, and I never leak.

So, basically, if you only pump once at work, what was your schedule like? How long were the gaps between your nursing and pumping sessions?